Daniel Sparks

He’s One of Us


Daniel Sparks is a proud native of North Mississippi who will fight for the hard-working people of the 1ST Congressional District.

The product of a proud, loving middle class family, Daniel learned at a young age that honesty coupled with sweat and determination get you a lot further than good intentions and empty promises.

And he witnessed the impact individuals can have on lives by watching his father minister and his mother teach elementary school.

A graduate of Belmont High School and the University of Mississippi School of Law, Daniel also holds accounting and economics degrees and a masters of taxation.

But Daniel got his real education working with small businesses long before he ever earned college degrees. From wholesale grocery distribution to manufacturing to the corner mom and pop store, Daniel earned every dollar his education cost—and created jobs in the process.

More importantly, he experienced first-hand how foolish government policies stifle growth and innovation and put honest men and women out of work—and their children out of hope.

He vows to take that message to Washington, where they may have heard it before, but not with Daniel’s kind of passion. He is not asking you to elect him to a position; he is applying for a job….and he is ready to go to work for you.

A man of deep convictions and one who recognizes his own need for forgiveness, Daniel believes America’s religious freedom is integral to a free society and the strength of local communities. He will vigorously defend our right to freely worship and to express our religious beliefs and convictions openly and without restriction.

If you want a congressman who will make hard decisions, hold his ground when our Rights are threatened and whose door will ALWAYS be open to ALL Mississippians, Daniel Sparks is that man.

He’s one of us.

Send him to Washington where we need him.